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Re: NFC: Landscaping pond without fish!

Lose the fowl.   Especially the mallards.  They will eat small fish.


On Wed, 19 May 1999, Sajjad Lateef wrote:

> Hey all,
> 	I discovered a fairly large (guesstimate 40'x8') pond at the place
> where I work. It is your standard landscaped pond, pebble "beach", wooden
> bridge and a few strategic rocks placed at the edges. I don't know how
> deep it is (probably a foot or two max). It is also home to a couple of
> Mallards and a pair of Canadian geese. 
> 	Now, there is some grass and stuff growing in the shallows. The
> water is primarily open, still and muddy with the ducks stirring it up.
> There seem to be a few insects around the water. There should be plenty of
> algae. I didn't see any fish at all. Hmmmm ....
> 	It is also a totally isolated pond with a parking lot on one side
> and buildings and lawn/garden on the other sides. What do you think are
> the chances of American-flag fish surviving in it? What do you think would
> happen if a dozen fish suddenly were discovered living in the pond? Would
> they reproduce now that Summer is here? I am sure the pond pretty much
> freezes over solid in the winter without any doubt.
> 	Comments welcome. 
> Thanks
> Sajjad 
> -- 
> Sajjad Lateef       <http://www.eecs.uic.edu/~slateef/>
> sajjad at acm_org

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