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NFC: Landscaping pond without fish!

Hey all,

	I discovered a fairly large (guesstimate 40'x8') pond at the place
where I work. It is your standard landscaped pond, pebble "beach", wooden
bridge and a few strategic rocks placed at the edges. I don't know how
deep it is (probably a foot or two max). It is also home to a couple of
Mallards and a pair of Canadian geese. 

	Now, there is some grass and stuff growing in the shallows. The
water is primarily open, still and muddy with the ducks stirring it up.
There seem to be a few insects around the water. There should be plenty of
algae. I didn't see any fish at all. Hmmmm ....

	It is also a totally isolated pond with a parking lot on one side
and buildings and lawn/garden on the other sides. What do you think are
the chances of American-flag fish surviving in it? What do you think would
happen if a dozen fish suddenly were discovered living in the pond? Would
they reproduce now that Summer is here? I am sure the pond pretty much
freezes over solid in the winter without any doubt.

	Comments welcome. 

Sajjad Lateef       <http://www.eecs.uic.edu/~slateef/>
sajjad at acm_org