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Re: NFC: Flagfish

Tony wrote:

> > Every summer I
> > put them in a pond in my backyard and they do rather well.  I put a
> > combination of sand
> > and small pebble bottom a half dozen or so clay flower pots and leave them
> > alone at the
> > end of summer generally late October I collect 80 or 90 fish.
> That's pretty cool Ken. I live not too far from the Chicago area and
> have always wanted to do something similar with tropicals. Are there any
> other non-goldfish/koi that you put in your pond? What do you do with
> all the flagfish at the end of the summer? Enquiring minds want to know.
> Tony Gustafson

As far as other tropical I've kept swords, platies, tetras, even other types of
killies in the
pond the one thing to remember about the flagfish is that they often become
territorial so bottom cover is important. For spawing media I use water lettuce
and water hyacinth the long roots are perfect for them to lay their eggs. Other
killies I've spawned in the pond are
A. Gardneri and some Epiplatys.They tend to stay at the upper part of the pond
while the
flagfish stay at the bottom. On occasion I have tossed some brine shrimp fresh
or frozen
and even some flake food. I harvest the fry in late October even early November
year. I keep about a dozen or so and give the rest away to schools in the area
One last
thing I found out that most fish are temperature tolerant. When I harvested fish
in late
October early November I still had killies and live bearers swimming around I
brought them into the fish room let the water warm up naturally and did a 10%
water change per day until 50%  was changed out them weekly water changes. I
hope this helps.
P.S. Don't forget the AKA Convention May 28-30 at the Oak Lawn Hilton in Oak