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Re: NFC: Gutloading BS (Was: Re: survey)

I don't see why you can't gutload Daphnia using the same method.

THe vitamins are available in most pet shops -- herp vitamins.

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> joshuaw at paul_paulsmiths.edu writes:
> << Gutloading of insects, like crickets, is pretty simple -- just feed
>  them lots of food loaded with reptile vitamins and such.  The same idea
>  can be applied to BS.  The BS typically eat algale of any sort.  To
>  gutload them, moisten some spirulina or other algae based fish food in a
>  vitamin solution of some sort (or whatever it is you want to gut load
>  with) and drop these into the tank of BS. The BS
>  will eat the spirulina and take in some of the gut-load. >>
> Can you gut load Daphnia somehow?