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Re: NFC: Gutloading BS (Was: Re: survey)

In a message dated 5/14/99 6:19:11 AM US Central Standard Time, 
joshuaw at paul_paulsmiths.edu writes:

<< Gutloading of insects, like crickets, is pretty simple -- just feed
 them lots of food loaded with reptile vitamins and such.  The same idea
 can be applied to BS.  The BS typically eat algale of any sort.  To
 gutload them, moisten some spirulina or other algae based fish food in a
 vitamin solution of some sort (or whatever it is you want to gut load
 with) and drop these into the tank of BS. The BS
 will eat the spirulina and take in some of the gut-load. >>

Can you gut load Daphnia somehow?