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Airing out daphnia

At 03:58 AM 10/7/99 -0400, CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:
>I am setting up three daphnia tanks and am wondering about air.  My 
>intentions are to put a little circulation in.  Is there any advantage or 
>disadvantage to using a foam filter?  What about an undergravel filter?  

I've got daphnia with and without air; indoors and out.  The results depend
on how deep the tank is and how much you overfeed (you will).  A shallow
tank (very shallow) probably can do without air, but I've found a very low,
slow bubbler seems to help a lot.  A tank can go anoxic very quickly.  All
the rest seems to depend on which specific strain of daphnia you start
with, what you water is like, and how lucky you are.  Best of luck  :)
BTW: yes, I get pretty good yields (I can satisfy my fish), but I know one
person who has daphnia from exactly the same source I do, feeds about what
I do, but could feed the third world (or whatever the current designation
of LDNs is) and still have enough left over for his fish.  Of course, the
mosquitos eat his significant other alive....