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daphnia and filtration

I think I responded to this question before but that was on another
list :).  Foam and undergravel filters will take the daphnias' food out
of the water column so from that standpoint its not too good an idea.
Fine air bubbles are also a bad idea as it drives the daphnia to the
surface where they get trapped because they then have air attached or
stuck inside their carapaces and they die.  I use a sponge filter though
with so little flow through the sponge it doesnt matter.   I have it
bubbling at the rate of about one large bubble every three seconds.  The
only purpose of this is to keep the water surface from filming over and
to give nitrifying bacteria a larger surface on which to grow than just 
the tank walls. When you set up your tank watch the ammonia level very
closely as overfeeding coupled with trying to cycle the tank leads to a
lot of crashed cultures.  I try to cycle my daphnia tanks with green
water as the results are a lot more reliable.
-> Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 17:42:31 EDT
-> From: CEFCHURCH at aol_com
-> Subject: air in a daphnia tank

-> I am setting up three daphnia tanks and am wondering about air.  My
-> intentions are to put a little circulation in.  Is there any 
-> advantage or disadvantage to using a foam filter?  What about an 
-> undergravel filter?

-> I am doing a little experimenting and am going to set up one each of 
-> a bare tank, gravel tank and gravel tank with UGF.  Comments and 
-> experiences welcome.

-> TIA

-> Chuck Church
-> Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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