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Re: Black worms vs tubifex

> From: Jeremy <adamsjer at ucs_orst.edu>
> Subject: Black worms VS tubifex
> If your local store was selling worms and he calls them black worms, Is
> there any way to tell the difference between black and tubifix worms?

They really look quite different, but many stores call blackworms
tubifex, for some reason.

Tubifex are more slender and quite red in color, while blackworms are
colored more like earthworms (browner) and slightly fatter. You only
need to see them side-by-side once to be able to tell them apart from
then on.

If you want to see the real tubifex, check your local PETsMART for the
Kordon live-food sachets. They are the only source of "real" tubifex
that I know of here in California.


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