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Re: brine shrimp cyst outlook

The harvest season for brine shrimp cysts on the Great Salt Lake is
essentially a "wash" this year due to a combination of lower lake
salinities, bad harvest conditions, and a reduced harvest quota of 25%
of normal (by the Utah DWR).  Wholesale brine shrimp prices have already
gone up 3-400% over the past month with suppliers not releasing any more
of their inventory until brine shrimp eyst prices become more
stabilized.  It would not be unrealistic to see brine shrimp cyst prices
(wholesale) to reach or surpass the 1995 "highs" of $25.-30./lb. for 80%
hatch grade.  

Although this switch in supply/demand will affect the aquaculture
industry more than the aquarium hobbiest, my advice to all would be to
stock up now, before all the good quality cysts are gone. 

David K.
SF Bay Brand