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> Subject: RE : PMDD DOSSAGE
> Thanks TOM for the response about DIY KITS.
> However, I would like to ask again about PMDD DOSSAGE.
> In the archives, it is recommended as 3 ml of PMDD per 100 liters of water
> and 1 ml PMDD to be added to every 10 liters of water replacement at the
> time of biweekly water change.
> Does this dossage hold true today?

I add the NO3, K, PO4 separately.
Traces are added separately as well.
I do not mix everything together.
Traces are mixed with DI/RO water to make the same amount(500mls and add two
tablespoons(flat) to this for the trace mix.
are added to get about 5-10ppm of NO3, 20-30ppm of K and .4 to 1.0ppm of
You'll notice that there's a "range", not one single measurement to try to
shoot for. This allows for dosing error.
I add about 1/4 teaspoon(level) of KNO3(about 1.67 grams) 2 to 3 times a
week for this level(@35 gallon= 6.3 ppm of NO3 average). If you have lots of
fish you will likely need less frequent/smaller dosing.
1/4 teaspoon  of K2SO4 per 25 gallons of water after water change.
About 1/2 lentil bean's worth(or one of the candied fennel seeds volume's
worth) or slightly less of KH2PO4. A drop or two of H3PO4(phosphoric acid
30%) can be used in place of this.
CO2 20-30ppm. You will use more Trace mixes than before if you partake upon
this method. 
The way you might want to approach this is to keep the CO2 up and add more
PMDD till you get 10ppm(NO3) or so(or an estimate). If you have more than 2
watts a gallon I'd add it 2-3 times a week. Do a big water change once a
week. Repeat.
Tom Barr


> Dr Athale,
> Baroda, India.