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glosso WITHOUT co2

I have been able to grow glosso without co2.  It's in
a 10gal tank with 1/2 of 80 watts NO flouros.  That is
I have 2 x 40w over two 10 gallon tanks.

This tank also gets no fertilizer, and few water
changes.  The growth of the glosso is very slow, and
the leaves are relatively slow.  It has suffered a bit
since I let a huge mass of willow moss float above it.
 But I am satisfied that glosso CAN grow without co2
in certain tanks.

I should also mention that the substrate in this tank
is gravel.  No laterite, no soil, no nothing.

I'm sure macrandra would grow too, however, the leaves
would certainly not be deep red, and growth would be
extraordinarily slow.  It would be green.


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