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Country Peru listings:

 Aquarium Iquitos, Las Azucenas 270 San Juan, Iquitos, phone 51.65.260193.
 Peru Aquarium Group, Aymaras 129, Monterrico, Lima, Lima 33, phone 51.1.7195170 - 51.1.7195171, fax 51.1.71995172, cs@peru-aquarium.com.
Berkshire, Iquitos
 Amazon River Acuarium, Sgto Lores N° 617, Iquitos, Berkshire, RG18 3AN, phone +51-65-233620, fax 01635 874774, amazonriveracuarium@yahoo.es.
Callao, Callao 01
 Pacific Interproducts S.A., Calle 6 , Mz. C. , Lt. 10 Urb Industrial Grimaneza, Callao 01, Callao, 01, phone +51.1.572.4443, fax +51.1.572.3975, pacinter@amauta.rcp.net.pe.
Iquitos, San Juan
 Perufish Aquarium, Las Camelias 360, San Juan, Iquitos, fax (5165) 260581.
Lima, Lima
 Peruvian Amazon Exotic Exports S.A.C., Lima - Peru, Lima, Lima, 01, phone 511-2659375, fax 511-2659375, info@aquariumpaex.com.
Lima, Miraflores
 Aqua-Pets, Ricardo Palma 1222, Miraflores, Lima, phone (051)2416072.
Loreto, Iquitos
 Bio Industrial Amazonas S.A.C., Los Angeles 609 San Juan, Iquitos, Loreto, phone +5165261567, fax +5165261567, bioindustrial@peru.com.
 NeoTropical Fauna, Av. Quiñones 1346, Iquitos, Loreto, 65, phone +065268042, fax +065268042, ryalan@libre.terra.com.pe.
Loreto, Iquitos-Peru
 Acuario Santa Fe SRL., Calle Abtao 1474, Iquitos-Peru, Loreto, phone +51 65 265904, fax +51 65 265734, info@acuariosantafe.com.
Loreto, Maynas
 Acuario La Tahuampa S.A.C, Av. Las Flores S/N, San Juan, Maynas, Loreto, phone (51 65) 262914, fax (51 65) 262913, tahuampa@yahoo.com.
Peru, Iquitos
 Black Piranha Aquarium, Iquitos, Peru, phone 9367552119, bpaperu@yahoo.com.
Peru, Loreto
 Perufish Aquarium, Las Camelias 360 San Juan Iquitos, Loreto, Peru, phone 51.94.261544, fax 51.94.260144, perufish@aol.com.
San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima
 Happy dog, AV.Gran Chimu 754 /San juan de Lurigancho/Zarate, Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima 36, phone 3751038, pets_vet01@hotmail.com.

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