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  Country United States, region Iowa listings:

Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association, P.O.Box 2327, Cedar Rapids, IA, 52406, phone 516-636-2433, thefishlady@uswest.net.
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month at Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA. Dues: $15/year Ind.; $20/year family; Junior, Corresponding, Affiliate $7.50/year.
Greater Iowa Aquarium Association, phone 515-263-0612, JOlson8590@AOL.com.
Meetings: 1st Tuesday every Month Dues: $20.00 (Family) $15.00 (Ind.) $5.00 (Junior). Contact: Jean Olson, Curator. Membership benefits include meetings, 12 issues of Fish Tales, our monthly publication, opportunity for volunteer work at, and unlimited visits to The Aquarium Center, a small Public Aquarium with exhibits from all over the world, both freshwater and Salt. Species vary, but from 250 to 300 species of aquatic life are maintained. Admission, 10-64 $2.00. 65 plus $1.00, Under 10 $1.00, Under 5 years old free with parent. Group Tour rates available
Greater Iowa Reef Society, Altoona/Iowa City, Iowa.
Meetings are held bi-monthly. Location is the Reef Connection located in Altoona, Iowa and Iowa City, Iowa. Contact any of the Board Members on the Club Website. Dues are Regular: $20, Family: $30, Student: $10 and Commercial: $40.
Story City Aquarium Society, 920 Fairview St., #8, Story City, IA, 50248.
The Iowa Aquaria Association, 1647 NW 85th St, Des Moines, Iowa, 50325, phone 515-280-7742, fax 515-280-6292, Rink_2@msn.com.
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