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  Country United States, region Virginia listings:

Aquatic Friends United , Richmond Area, Richmond , VA, 23112, phone 804-516-9335, williemcd@yahoo.com.
An informal group of over 190 fish keepers. At this time we do not charge any dues. You must be a member for one week prior to posting links or photo\'s. We have a handful of Salt Water enthusiast but mainly freshwater.
Central Virginia Aquarium Society, Central Virginia.
We are a group of fish enthusiasts set out to meet and help fellow fish keepers. Our members keep a wide range of fish and love sharing helpful information. Please visit our website to find out about meetings and events. There are no dues to join us and we welcome all that want to join.
Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society, 4220 Erdman Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21213, phone 1-410-485-5511, fax 1410-483-2545, twalsh@curley.loyola.edu.
Meets 1st Sunday each Month Sept-June in the Greater Washington/Baltimore area. Dues: $20/year. Contact: Tom Walsh
Mid Atlantic Koi Club, 11794 Target Court, Woodbridge, VA, 22192, phone (703) 590-3875.
Meetings: Several monthly meetings, North Chapter (NJ), Central Chapter (PA), Long Island Chapter (NY), South Chapter (VA). Dues: $24 per year, includes monthly mag & new members kit. Contact: Anita & Charles Walker. Serving the interests of Koi (fancy, multi-colored, ornamental carp), ponds, filtration, water quality, lilies, goldfish, etc.
Potomac Valley Aquarium Exchange.
A free service dedicated to serving the aquarists of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. We provide a means for aquarists and associated persons to exchange items and information. We feel that this mechanism of commerce is increasingly valuable to aquarists and associated persons. We encourage aquarists, breeders, importers, pet shops & manufacturers to take advantage of our service.
Potomac Valley Aquarium Society, Inc, P.O. Box 664, Merrifield, VA, 22116, phone 703-352-3365, dsnell@erols.com.
Richmond Reef Club, Richmond, Virginia, richmondreefers@gmail.com.
Monthly meetings, location varies. There are no dues, and no officers. We are a loose knit group of enthusiasts who meet monthly to talk tanks, swap corals and have a good time. We have a very active online forum as well.
Virginia Fish Addictz, Harbour Pointe, Richmond, VA, 23112, phone 804 516 9335, williemcd@yahoo.com.
This club meets informally primarily as a meet/greet function with a bit of swapping going on. We charge no membership or dues. We also engage in fish rescues. We celebrated our 1st Anniversary in December of 2013.

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