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Zeolite Clay

Hi all,
Was wondering if there are any concerns with using zeolite clay in a filter? Will zeolite adversely cause changes to the water chemistry over time or have a negative impact on my plants and snails?  A search of the Aquatic Plants digest archives did not provide an answer.  

Currently I am serving as an assistant principal at an elementary school and have setup a 2.5 gal plant tank. The aquarium has drawn lots of interest from the children who seem to have a natural connection with my little attempt to copy nature.  They have an abundances of questions and I like to think that I am planting seeds of interest in future aquatic gardeners. 

The 2.5 gal is monitored a lot closer than my 55 gal at home.  Each day two large mugs full of water are taken out and replaced with fresh water.  Lighting consists of 40 watts from two GE full spectrum bulbs in a shop light (Thanks to an old hydroponics setup that was collecting dust).  On weekends I use a 15w Aqu-glo bulb on a timer.   I need to find a new timer so I can plug in the shop light. My current timer does not have a place for a ground plug.   The substrata is a mixture of gravel, Tetra Initial  sticks and "First Layer" (Laterite).  The filter consists of an AquClear Mini with a foam insert. 

I have considered adding CO2 but am concerned about the difficulty of maintaining stable conditions in such a small tank.  My plants and fish (2 black Neons and one-half inch molly) are doing well.

Any comments would be appreciated.
Doug Martin