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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1478

| Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 08:04:47 -0600
| From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
| Subject: Re: Lurker
| > Is James Purchase out there lurking? I miss his input on the APD.
| >
| > Tom Connors, Pittsburgh Pa. I wish I could be half the person our dog
| > "Jed" thinks I am!
| Tom Connors misses me, how nice, hehehehe..... Tom, you're probably the
| one around here who does.....
| I have been very busy with the organization of a big aquascaping project
| which hopefully will be formally announced very soon.... stay tuned, it
| should be worth it.
| I have kept up with the goings on here and haven't had the time to provide
| much input, but the feedback provided by folks like Roger Miller and Tom
| Brennan is so much better than anything I could add that there is usually
| need.
| Hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season.
| James Purchase
| Toronto

James,  your kidding right?  I am not worthy to be mentioned in the same
digest let alone the same sentence as Roger Miller.  Wow....I feel so smart
now I think I'm going to add a bunch of phosphates, kill the C02 and drop
the lighting to .000009 watts per gallon to my wonderfully balance 125g
planted discus show tank, watch the algae take over,  just to see if I can
control and reverse the algae growth!     NOT.

Hope you are back 100% soon and I gotta hand it to you for all the work you
have done on the "aquascaping project".  Actually (in a nice way), the delay
works in my favor.  It gives me more time to save up and buy that really
good digital camera and catch up with the likes of Dave Gromberg,  Chuck
Gadd and Bob Buettner (and many others).   HA!  Oh Bob B.,  does that
"bubbling" sound on your web page
(http://www.cshore.com/luna/Fishpics/Fishpicstn.html)  cause C02
out-gassing?  Your planted tank photos look OK??

Anybody have some Heteranthera Zosterifolia to trade for riccia or maybe
something else?

Is your tank Y2K Compliant?

I better get outahere......Happy new year everybody.

Tom Brennan
Clifton, VA