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Full CO2 tank pressure

At 03:48 PM 12/28/1999 -0500, Eric asked:
>    I just got a 20# CO2 bottle (full) and an O2 regulator for it.  By the 
>"dummy" lines on the regulator, I am below 1/3 full.  I figure this is 
>erroneous because CO2 must compress at a different pressure than O2.  Does 
>anyone know what the tank pressure should be at for a full 20# CO2 cylinder?

That is an interesting concept using an O2 regulator on a CO2 cylinder, I
am not sure it will work and would not advise it.   That said, a full
cylinder has a pressure around 800psi (say 700-950 depending on the
temperature and gauge calibration).  The best way to tell how much CO2 is
left is weigh it and subtract the tare stamped on the shoulder of the tank.
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