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Re: Border's in Baltimore (Barnes & Noble)

Dear Dave:

It is actually a Barnes and Noble book store located in an old factory with a 
Sportscenter restaurant and Hard Rock Cafe in the same factory building in 
the heart of Innerharbor Baltimore.  The aquarium is huge (L20+ft x H8+ft) 
right at the top of the stairs after you come off the escalator.  It is made 
of thick Plexiglas and was put together by the National Aquarium in 
Baltimore.  Although it is planted, the arrangement highlights a layered cave 
background wall with plants on it.  It has some of the largest bleeding heart 
tetras I have ever seen.  There is a huge school of cardinal tetras, many 
discus, and extra large angels (I didn't realize angels got that big).  The 
planting arrangement is not spectacular, but as a whole, the tank is 


PS I must have sat there for at least a good hour.