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guppy babies ;)

Hi all...and Merry Christmas,

I just had to tell someone that might care--lol  My fancy guppy had 17 babies
last night--xmas babies :)  I am so excited.  I have 3 fancy guppies in a 10
gallon tank and bought the female one obviously pregnant.  Came home from work
yesterday to find her skinny, but didn't see any babies, so figured they ate
them.  Later, amongst the gravel, I saw something--got my net and started moving
gravel around--17 of them hiding!!!  didn't relize they were so tiny and can
hide in the gravel.  anyways--they are in a 1 gallon bowl now w/a heater--until
I can get to an open store and get a smaller tank/filter to put them in.  I did
have a tube of fry food...from a long time ago.  Is there anything I may need to
know or do for them??

Thanks...I feel so much better for bragging about my babies ;)