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Re: Filter and CO2

In a message dated 12/25/1999 2:50:43 AM Central Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-From: "Bev" <bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au>

 Hi all,
 I purchased a 2217 - 1000LH old style canister filter in top condition to
 use on a 4x2x2 = 120 gallon tank = 400L. This filter will turn the water
 over 2 times an hour, a bit too little but I will probably add an internal
 power filter for circulation/mechanical filtration.>>

The number of turns per hour that is adaquate is really dependent
upon the fish load as well types your using.  However in a CO2 tank
I have found that excessive turns reduces the CO2 level rather than
giving added filtration value.  Presently I'm using an old HOT on
my 72 inch long CO2 tank which is welllunder one turn per hour.
 <<My question is that I know people use Eheim filters successfuly for a CO2
 reacter (ie CO2 is bubbled into the intake and dissolves within the
 filtered water) so does this only work with the 'profesional' series or
 does it work with the old ones - ie no air locks etc... >>

I believe this can be done with almost any of the canister filters.  However 
it is
also important here that you have a good bubble counter so you have an idea 
your flow rate.