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Re: Subject: Cabomba & Escargots

> Dear all,
> How many varieties of Cabomba are there? I ask because I have seen it
> many times that Cabomba needs a real rich substrate, CO2 and 4 watts/gal
> grow.
> Why then did I have a veritable forest in my 10g with no CO2, *gravel*
> substrate and a 15w aqua-glo?!
> Is there another real easy plant that looks a little like a cabomba?
> Cylindrical ~2mm stem, alternate fan shaped very finely divided leaves,
> emerald green, branches a little, will curl across top of water like a Val
> when it gets too long?

I  have wondered the same thing.  I know there is Asian Ambulia (sp?), which
grows like a weed and was recently outlawed in California for that reason.
But my girlfriend's tank had cabomba for the longest  time.  It grew, very
healthy and dark green, with no CO2 and no fertilizer, with 3W/G lighting.
Why does everyone still say it is tough to keep?  Maybe I found the easy
species to grow . . .

Jeff Malmquist