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Re:CS vs Ham CF lights

>Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 00:41:29 -0600
>From: afishy <afishy at gateway_net>
>Subject: CustomSeaLife vs. Hamilton Technology Lighting Systems
>Does anybody have a good comparison between the Compact Flourescent
>lighting systems that are manufactured by CustomSeaLife and Hamilton
>Technology? The feedback that I have gotten in the past for
>CustomSeaLife is that it is a very good product with the only exception
>that the cooling unit fan is a bit loud. Does anybody have any feedback
>on Hamilton Technology? 
>Thanks, and everybody have a good holiday!!
I prefer Hamilton as they are a little cheaper. Otherwise they are about the
We use both on FW and Reefs with good results. I cannot tell a difference
anyway. It would be a hair split at best......
Tom Barr