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Re: Colorless new growth...

How often should one add an iron/manganese supplement to the tank?  If 
measured, at what level should it be maintained?

Also, I have quite soft water in the tank.  How possible is it that I am 
calcium deficient? Or, should that even be a factor in regards to colorless 
new growth?  I heard someone say regarding pond plants once that they threw 
in a handfull of crushed oyster shell to help the plants get going... any 
merit to this?  (I'm sure that would go over nicely at a pH of 6.2!)

Before I started really getting interested in the plants, I noticed the 
stunted/compact growth mentioned, on almost all my plants. (over the past 2 
years)  Do you think that the tank could be so depleted of nutrients that I 
need to dose daily to some degree until the growth starts to normalize?

on a side note, I am also getting ready to leave town for 2 weeks.  should I 
reduce the amount of light the tank gets per day while I'm not there to add 

Thanks again for the help!

Phil Eaton

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>I just purchased a nitrate test kit and measured 10ppm.

Well then I guess that nitrogen deficiency isn't the problem.  Besides, 
nitrogen deficiency usually effects old growth first, not the new leaves.

According to the deficiency tables I've seen chlorosis in new growth is 
usually iron or manganese deficiency.  If it is iron deficiency and if it 
continues unresolved then additional growth may become unusually compact, or 

Roger Miller
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