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Re: CO2 question


I've got a system very similar to the one you are describing (20lb CO2 can,
Sandpoint pH meter, solenoid, Hoke valve, home-made reactor, etc), and am
very happy with it.  Would I do it again?  Probably, if I got a screaming
good deal ($175 for the controller, solenoid, and another complete
pressurized CO2 setup) on it like I did this time.  The one feature I
wouldn't be without (I've gotten spoiled) is the digital pH meter.  The
ability to simply look and see, with more precision than we will ever need,
exactly what the pH is can be a really nice feature.  The pH probe can be
left in the water all the time, although it has been recommended that you
avoid submerging the cord for any length of time.  Unless you are
experiencing major pH swings (I was seeing ones of a full point a day due to
too much light on my previous tank) the automation is probably overkill.  I
like it, but it is by no means mandatory.  The one really nice thing it did
was significantly reduce my CO2 consumption, but, with a 20lb tank lasting
at least 8 months, who cares?  Less hassle, but probably not the best bang
for the buck.  If you're buying new I'd simply invest the money in a pH
meter (look around at some of the new ones, there are some decent deal if
they're any good), and invest the rest in something you really need, like
substrate heating cables (KIDDING!  Please Karen, don't hurt me...:-)

Justin Collins,
In Bellingham, WA, where it is currently dark enough to not see the rain.

If you cannot find truth where you are, where do you expect to find it?