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Re: Co2 tanks in Canada. (near London)

At 03:48 PM 12/17/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 09:05:11 EST
>From: "Jamie Noble" <jnoble123 at hotmail_com>
>Subject: CO2 tank supplier in Canada
>I am looking for a C02 tank in Canada for the high pressure system which I 
>ordered from Dave Gomberg. Do any canadians out there have any 
>recommendations on where they located their CO2 tanks?
>I am based in London, Ontario if that helps.
>~Jamie N
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Hi Jamie,

	You can find 20 lbs tanks at any Home Grown Hydroponics. If I'm not
mistaken there should be one right in London, if not I'd go to the one on
Six Nations (for that matter I'd go there any ways). It's on Chefs Wood
Road in the Chefs Wood plaza, just out side of Oshwegan on the Six (careful
it's a blink and your past it kinda thing). You can check out their web
site as well, it has a good local map but not much content yet. The tank is
$85 and a refill was $30 the last time I was in, it's been a little while
though (live in TO). So that's a *straight* $115 in the beginning. Home
Grown works on a tank exchange program too which means you never have to
wait for days to get your tank back. The refill costs a little more then
other places, but that's do to their "remote" local and the cost of
shipping. (40 minutes out of London and an hour out of TO)
	I'm not sure if you can tank swap at any Home Grown out let or not, I
never thought to ask the question ? Hope that helps.

Shennon ta:non Nariwiio

Jeff Bennett