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re: Colorless new growth...


I just purchased a nitrate test kit and measured 10ppm.

I have seen on the postings that some are using potassium nitrate for 
potassium supplement.  Is this also good for nitrogen supplement?  If not, 
what would be, and how will it effect the fish?

I have the chart from the krib printed out regarding nutrient deficiencies.  
My guess originally was Iron deficiency.  That's why I added flourite and 
started supplementing.  At the point of adding nitrogen, in what ever form, 
will the old white growth begin to turn green?  Or will it stay white and 
have the new growth only be green as it sprouts?

Thanks again for your help!

Phil Eaton

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 > I have had faster growth on the Hornwort, Appon. Lace, and the Crypts, 
 > the new leaves seem to lack partially if not completely, green color.  
 > hornwort especially has grown fast, but is between white and light pink.
 > The only hint of green is the very tip of the growth

I suggest you check your nitrate levels first.
Lack of green pigment is usually a sign of nitrogen limitation. If you have
fish in the tank, phosphate limitation is unlikely. An iron deficiency is a
little more likely, but not much, since you do supplement with iron.

Check the Krib for full deficiency symptoms.

Michael Eckardt

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