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Re: CO2 question

> From: Julie <jde at uoguelph_ca>
> Subject: Re: CO2 question
> Max, with respect to the pH controller, they exist, but my
> experience with
> industrial chemistry tells me that they have to be checked
> regularly.  I
> had one online once (not in an aquarium), and I had a lot of
> trouble with
> contamination, but the system was nasty, with feeds lines of wildly
> varying pHs 1-14, at the electrode we were aiming at a pH of 6.5. We
> checked it three times a day, every day and it had to be serviced on a
> weekly/monthly basis.

I must be getting really lucky with pH probes. I have been through 5 or 6 of
them and all have remained accurate for the duration of their life span with
minimal maintenance.

I calibrate my pH probe with reference solutions every 2 months. After an
electrode soak and calibration, the registered drift is always under 0.10.
If checked monthly, you can maintain it more accurately than that.

So far, the probes have lasted 12-18 months. When the drift in a 2 month
span is 0.15 or more, I replace it. They seem to rapidly decline after that

Make sure you use them on the "clean" side of the filtration system. I keep
mine in the wet/dry sump.

Jon Wilson