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Re: CO2 question - Recommendation on pH Probe


It's the best gadget I have ever invested in!  I now have a PinPoint pH
Controller/Monitor and love it for controlling compressed Co2.  I also owned
just the pH Monitor and never had a problem with either.  Easy to calibrate,
nice big LEDs, quality probe and nice long probe cable (I think 10").  The
probe has been in constant operation for about a year and continues to
operate perfectly but I did pick a replacement probe up on my last order at
Pet[NO "S"]Warehouse.  I keep it clean by using a tooth brush on it every
month or so and re-calibrating using pH 4.0 and pH 7.0 calibration
solutions.  For $89USD from any of the mail-order places, I pays for itself
just to be able glance over and see the current pH.  I have very soft water
and have to watch things.  Oh yea, I think I have replaced the 9v battery
once because the LoBat indicator told me to !  Pick up 3 to 4 each of the
4.0 and 7.0 calibration solution packets and your set!

| Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 03:10:20 -0700
| From: Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com>
| Subject: Re: CO2 question
| > From: "Mortimer Snerd" <n9720235 at cc_wwu.edu>
| > for the buck.  If you're buying new I'd simply invest the money in a pH
| > meter (look around at some of the new ones, there are some decent deal
| > they're any good), and invest the rest in something you really need,
| Can anyone recommend a good deal?  It's probably the only gadget I don't
| have for my big tank, and I REALLY want one.  Just to look cool if for no
| other reason!
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| Chuck Gadd

Best wishes
Tom Brennan