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Plants versus medication; Question

John_P_Bonin wrote: <<<<<
Subject: Plants versus medication
I've given up on medicating my tank for a fish disease that I/stores
haven't been able to remedy.  I'd like to remove the remaining fish and
treat the tank with something very aggressive.  Has anyone experienced
using something that would really do the trick, whatever the disease is,
but won't jeopardize my plants too badly.  I don't want to pull up all my
plants if at all possible, but then again, I don't want them to die either.
Is this possible???>>>>>>

John, to treat diseases effectively requires a basic understanding of
each disease, and of the appropriate medications. No miracle drug
that does everything exists. There is lots of
medications that can be used in planted tanks. The only disease
that comes to my mind that cannot be treated effectively in tanks with 
substrate (planted or not) is skin and gill egg-laying flukes, due to
the difficulty to eliminate the eggs that fall in the substrate. In some
cases you may loose a few sensitive species of plants, but in the majority 
of cases treatment is tolerated if appropriately chosen.
For basically all pathogens, if you remove every fish for several weeks you 
break the pathogen's life cycle, and a fishless tank over time becomes 
No need to use medications in such case, just have a healthy filter in
you hospital tank, and patience not to rush to return everyone to the
original tank.

Question: is it allowed to post to the list plants equipment for sale?
From a private list member, not a business. If not, is there another
place to do so?

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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