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Re: Any Good Aquatic Plants Book?

On Sun, 12 Dec 1999, Kean Huat Yeap wrote:
> Hi! I'm thinking about getting a complete and good
> aquatic plants book which covers plants care,
> propagation, good pictures and etc.
> Can you guys please suggest a couple books to me? 

"Aquarium Plants Manual" by Ines Scheurmann (from Barron's; ISBN
0-8120-1687-4, translated from the original German) is a good
English-language reference.  It's a very small volume, and it's
correspondingly inexpensive.

The three (or more?) volumes of the Aquarium Atlas by Riehl and Baensch
also contain good information on plants, though I'm not sure they
constitue a complete reference, as I only have one of the volumes.

> I'm thinking of getting 
> Aquarium Plants: Their Identification, Cultivation and
> Ecology
> by Karel Rataj and  Thomas J. Horeman

This is an old (copyright 1977) standard.  The horticultural guidance
is unsophisticated at best.  We've heard of numerous errors reported from
the text - to the point that Dr. Dave once advised "Don't believe anything
you read in that book!".  Just the same, I think that for species
descriptions it's still one of the best volumes available in English, and
certainly one of the most complete.

I think it's great book to have in an aquarium library if for no other
reason than to make your collection more historically complete.  But then,
I buy completely useless old aquarium references just to have them around.

Does anyone have an update on the English translation of Kasselman's book?

Roger Miller

In Albuquerque, where the Christmas lights are up!