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How good of a job should a SAE do?

Hello All-

Since I live in an area where SAE's are impossible to find, I mail-ordered
some from Jim at bestfish.com, so I know they are true SAE's.  Now that I
have them they meet the qualifications too.  I ordered 6 and Jim added 2
more in case of casualties.  Well, I am happy to report that all 8 made the
voyage safely.

I know to this point that this sounds like a plug for bestfish.com, but I
do have a question for those who are knowledgeable in the area.  Naturally,
since I bought the fish, my tank does have SOME algae.  It isn't terribly
bad, but I was curious to see how the little fellows would do.  Only a few
minutes after adding the fish to my tank, they settled down and went right
to work.  

My question is just how good of a job should I expect them to do? I don't
mean whether or not they will scour over the whole tank.  They or doing
that.  What I mean is, I see them go over a leaf with algae and it looks
like they really didn't do much, if anything at all.  I've read many
stories about people who had algae and after adding SAE's they report that
they would clean it all up.  I have seen visibly that they take strands of
algae off the back glass (which I don't scrub).  I'm sure the algae has a
better foothold on the leaves than the glass, so I was just wondering what
I should expect?

Thanks for any direction,

Mike G.
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