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Amano Shrimp Sighting-Portland, OR

Dear all,

Any aquarists in the Northwest should do themselves a favor and go see a
brand new store in the Hollywood area of Portland, OR called "The Wet Spot".
It is located at the intersection of Sandy Blvd./ 43rd/ Hancock St. just
North of the Banfield Fwy.  They are not open Mondays. These folks are going
out of their way to stock  a wide variety of unusual and exciting fishes.  I
felt like a kid in a candy store:  Apistos, Rainbows, rare livebearers,
African tetras, wild angels, West African cichlids, Rare Corys., Amano
shrimp, SAE's, and the list goes on.  These are the same people who have
operated the "Cichlid Connection"- a wholesale Cichlid shop, so you might
imagine their collection of cichlids is pretty good!!  They also have
several nice Planted displays and a great selection of plants for sale. They
stock Flourite! I bought some Amano Shrimp there yesterday and was blown
away by how quickly these little guys annilated the filimentous algae
growing in their tank. The tanks are all clean and the fish show great color
and vitality. If I sound excited, well it's because it is so rare to find
such a store anywhere, Let alone in my backyard! I will definitely support
these folks in their endeavor to be different. I wish them the best of luck!
Now get out there and help these guys! :) BTW, I am not affiliated with this
shop in any way, so don't flame me!  blah, blah, blah...............

Brian Perkins, President
Metroserv Incorporated
     Tigard, Oregon