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Shoplights; too good to be true?

I found this post while lurking the newsgroups:

>I have no idea what the bf of those Lights of America brand shop lights
>are or even what they use for a ballast exactly, but I suspect they are
>not all that high. Also the cheap ballast method those types of fixtures
>use could indeed damage your lamps because many times they do indeed
limit the average current to normal or below normal levels, but still
>allow through large voltage spikes which can end up damaging the ends/
>filaments of the lamps causing them to burn out sooner. Cheap ballasting
>techniques could range from just a capacitor, to maybe a cap and
>resistor, or even a cap or resistor with a (way undersized) coil of some

>Patrick Timlin --- ptimlin at yahoo_com

I use the Lightway Shoplights because of their hood shape, lightness atop a
glass hood, they light-up INSTANTLY and cost just $9.99 @ Kmart.  I HATE
those heavy ballasts; I find them undependable to use with timers and
expensive.  Those who have spent $ on a ballast only to see their bulbs sit
there and "simmer" know just what I'm talking about.  But is what this guy
saying true?  

I sommon all the spirits of the "engineering inclined", to fit an answer to
this question.  Ye wizards of technology....Ivo! Are you out there? :-)=

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