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Black dots on my bulb plants


I have subscribed to the mail list for about 7 months and now I need
someone's help. I've checked the archive on something going on in my tank
and I'm not sure whether it is a disease or not.

My bulb-type plants have an ever-increasing number of black dots that are
hard to the touch and cannot be scraped off.

As I am new to plants in aquariums, I don't have all the names for the
plants, so here is a picture of the plant in question.  It can be found at
http://members.home.net/grantmiller/myplants.html. Any help with this
question would be of great help.  I've also included pictures of all of my
plants. Is there anyone who could name them for me? I buy them from a
wonderful little Chinese lady here in Vancouver, BC and I can never
understand the names she gives me - with the exception of my Java Fern!

Here are my tank stats for your diagnosis:

- 48 gallon community tank with tetras, clown loaches, etc.
- no snails that I know of
- I have a DIY co2 injector (pop bottle variety)
- 1 40w power glow fluorescent light
- PH is 6.6, ammonia 0 ppm, nitrites 0 ppm, kH 2, gH 3.
- I do a 1/3 water change each week and add 2 teaspoons of liquid plant
fertilizer at that time (Aquatic Stuff Plant Fertilizer)
- I feed the fish only once a day
- The light is on from 7:00 am to 10-11:00 pm.
- Temperature is 26C or 78F

Thank you so much.

Grant Miller
grantmiller at home_com
(an enthusiastic Newbie to aquatic plants)