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Bad smell

The other occupants of our house are claiming that my aquarium is producing
a bad smell.  Personally, I think it smells like a rainy day on an Amazon
mudflat, but I guess I can see their point.

My 120 gallon tank is the picture of health.  Plants are gassing off O2 like
crazy, very rapid growth on all plants, wilt no unusual or noxious algaes
growing.  I have 440 watts of VHO Aquasun lighting on 11 hours per day, CO2
injection, undegravel heating etc.  Everything is great except for the
odour, which is kind of like an earthy, musty, or rotting smell.  There are
very few fish, and over 25 kinds of plants.  pH is 7, ORP is 550 to 650,
temperature is 79 F.  During the day, the smell is negligible, but at night
and especially in the morning before the lights are on, we can smell the
tank on the second floor of the house!

Any ideas here?  Should I try to slow down the metabolism of the whole tank
by reducing lighting, CO2, etc?  Or should I just go out and get a big HEPA
filter with carbon and park it on top of the canopy?

Grant Cockshott
Vice President and Sales Manager
Welders Supplies Limited
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
grantwc at mb_sympatico.ca