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Re: Low phosphorus food?

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Scott Hudson wrote:
> With all this talk about how often we feed oor fish, I'm  wondering are there
> any good commercially available low phosphorus fish foods out there?

I was searching the web for information on phosphorus content in
various fish foods when I came across this:


They advertise a food formulated to help reduce algae problems caused by
high phosphorus levels.  They also state:

"The dietary requirement of phosphorus for fish has a very narrow ideal
range.   It should be higher than 0.5% but not exceed 0.9%"

There is a big chance that this factoid is constructed to support their
self-interest.  Assuming that it's correct, then it's an interesting
detail to keep in mind.  They don't mention how much nitrogen needs to
accompany that ideal phosphorus content.

Roger Miller