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Green water problem

Me and my 29 gallon nursery tank 3 years old filled with plants now is for 
the first time having a green water algae problem. Nothing is different 
except for one thing. I used to keep about 1/2 of my plants in small 
potsójust because I moved them around a lot and also to control their growth. 
About a month ago I freed them all and planted them in my very loose gravely 
substrate (I was not a plant enthusiast when I set up the tank--they came 
later and too late for laterite). My theory is that when they were in pots 
they were using whatever was in the water column. Now they are using what's 
in the gravel. The water column is therefore richer and now we are algae 

Is this plausible? Everything else, every test, every detail is otherwise the 
same. Oh, I do seem to have a snail infestation at this time...could that be 
it? My plane now is to increase water changes to 20% weekly and get rid of 
some of the overgrown baby fish in the tank-although it is a very light fish