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Re:Alfred/Pond filtering

>Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 16:25:54 +0800
From: Alfred Heng <alheng at pacific_net.sg>
Subject: RUGF

I need some advise about RUGFs.  I am thinking of putting in a pond in the
garden and I wanted to use a huge RUGF!  What do you all think about it?
>The pond size will be 10x6x3 deep.  Any comments?<

Hi Alfred,
Are RUGF's...Recycling Undergravel Filters?  If so, what filtering material
are you going to use under the gravel? Maybe I'm not getting the picture?
There are several filtering alternatives for outdoor ponds. 

Are you are going to dig an inground or have an above ground pond?

I use livestock tanks above ground and have them camouflaged with container
and bog plants.  If you want to see my tank ponds I have several pictures
of them on the web at the easyfoto site.  Go to http://www.easyfoto.com and
type in liongold in the box that says "visit an album.  That should take
you to my albums.  

I don't think you can see the filtering systems too well...just the
watergardens.  But if you are interested, after seeing the pictures, I'd be
glad to give you more details on the filtering system I designed.