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Re: CO2 gone quickly

Patrick writes:

> I'm using a 1500g CO2 gas tank together with a Dupla "Armatur Delta" CO2
>  regulator. I set the bubbling rate at 1 bubble/sec and the gas tank this 
> size
>  should last for at least half an year (from my personal experience). 
>  my CO2 used up within a month or so. My question is what possibly went 
>  with my CO2 system. I have a commercial CO2 reactor, check valve and 
>  tubing connected to the system. Is gas leakage a possible cause of the 
> problem


>  and how do I find out where the leakage is?

Try using a small brush to put soapy water all over the connections and the 
length of the hose.  Where it bubbles, you have a leak.  You have to get it 
really wet.

Bob Dixon