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Re: Neon Tetras losing red color

Hello Steve,

I've had neon tetras in my 45 gallon plant tank for about two years.  I
started out with forty small ones and slowly lost about half due to "neon
tetra disease" which almost always starts with their lower red stripe
fading.  It is a "gram negative" bacteria (developing from the inside out)
and very difficult to treat.  I too was reluctant to use medication in a
plant tank.  After being frustrated enough I ended up using "Nala-Gram"
which helped the fish not already infected...(future outbreaks were
curtailed significantly)  but unfortunately I also developed a cynobacteria
bloom in my tank.  (The medication probably knocked out my UGF temporarily)
Once you see ulcers forming at the base of the tail you can positively
identify the disease although by that time it's always too late to save the
fish.  Remove the fish to avoid infecting the others.

Craig David
Long Beach CA