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Slave flash

At 03:48 AM 6/15/99 -0400, James Purchase wrote:
>>Soren Petersen asked about DIY slave flashes and Dave G. offered a solution:
>>> At 03:48 AM 6/14/99 -0400, Disky wrote:
>> > Has anyone experimented with
>> >some sort of DIY flash light ?? Because real slave flashlights, are VERY
>> >expensive here in Denmark (Europe).
>> We can buy them here from Ritz Camera for $20.  How many do you want me to
>> send you????
>Not so fast Dave, not so fast. Slave flash units, fired remotely, are
>certainly the most elegant way of lighting an aquarium to avoid relected
>light from bouncing off of the front glass of the tank and ruining the
>picture. However, WHICH remote flash unit to use depends upon the camera
>that Soren has.  [big snip]

Not really.   The initial problem was how to avoid annoying reflections
from an on-camera flash when using that as the sole or primary source of
light.   With four slave flashes replacing the hood, the on-camera flash is
no longer the primary source of light.  So the reflection problem is
greatly decreased.   Then a mirror can be used to direct the on-camera
flash towards the ceiling.  That will likely still trigger the slaves,
without creating a reflection of the main flash itself on the aquarium
glass.  You do not need a lot of wiring as you seem to suggest, just a way
to keep the main beam of the on-camera flash off the front glass of the tank.

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