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ug/fluval filter

I recently purchased a fluval 303 for my 65 gal guppy tank.  I had ug
filtration in there before as it is the only type I've found so far that
won't suck up my baby guppies and filter them out of the water.  With the
fluval I was planning to rig it with 3 spray bars instead of 1 and have
them be the input instead of the intake tube.  I would then send the
outgoing water up through the ug plates to provide circulation to the
roots.  I know ug filtration is bad for plants, but I've never fully
understood why.  Would this be less harmful to them?  Would I be better
off just getting more spray bars for the out going water as well? Any
insight or opinions would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to get this
set up soon.
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