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Re: RO reconstruction

Mike writes:

> I'm looking for a method to increase the KH of RO water to 4 to 7 deg. 
>  I have Kent's RO right (for trace elements, etc.), but it dosen't
>  provide the buffering capacity needed for CO2 injection.  Are there any
>  common methods (dolomite chips, aragonite)that give predictable
>  results.  I'm new to the mailing list and I'm sure this topic has been
>  covered in the past, so if there are previous discussions someone could
>  point me to that would be great.  Thanks.

If you want to raise the KH without the GH, baking soda is probably the best 
way.  Try s given amount, see how much change you get, then use accordingly.  
But understand that the H2CO3 formed by CO2 in your tank will not respond to 
buffering the same way other acids do.  Buffering will improve stability but 
the pH will still be lowered by CO@ injection.  The only difference that 
buffering will do is to keep it from crashing even lower too quickly.

Bob Dixon