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Lim Chung Ping writes:

> Abt this PMDD, I have seen a comercial hydropnics solution. It is good
>  for a several 20l solution for the plants(for 1 harvest).
>  Anyone here used this type of fertilizer for their aquatic plants? In Ur
>  opinion, what should be the likely dosage to a 100l tank?

I've tried a couple of hydroponic fertilizers.  They won't tell you what 
nutrients it actually contains until you buy it and get it home.  Then you 
can read the label.  They all seem to lack copper for some reason.  They also 
tend to turn the water brown.  If this is tannins or humus, that's okay with 
me, but I have no way of knowing.  I'm now waiting for my recent order to 
reach Karl Schoeler, so he will send me some Natural Gold.  The price is 
reasonable, and it is designed with aquariums in mind.

Bob Dixon