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Free Java Moss in Chicago

cleaned out my tank out today. trimmed a bunch of java moss of some
driftwood... pull is a better word. it's now sitting in a fish bag in the
shade. it's kinda hot here in chicago. almost a full fish bag full. if you
want it... you'll need to pick it up. i won't be splitting it.... you may
want to hook up a deal with some and split it later. it's free. i'm on the
northside of the city. JUST PICK IT UP+ACE- AS SOON AS POSSIBLE+ACE- i really don't
know how long it will last in a fish bag in this weather. i'm keeping it in
the dark. no garuantees on the stuff... it's pretty darn healthy though.
first person to email me back gets it. someone please pick it up. it would
be such a shame to through it into the compost heap.