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SIDAC Device

Bob Dixon wanted to know:
>  Is it hard on the bulbs, or will it be okay with our expensive fancy
>flourescent tubes?

It should be fine. The failure mode would most likely be with the SIDAC
itself, or with the RC circuit.

>And is part of the mechanism built into the endcaps, or can we rip out the
>Sidac and
>install a good ballast?

I doubt that they would put it into the end cap, but I don't know for sure.
When I worked for Motorola, I tested the prototypes, and since that was
over 15 years ago, I don't think they are using the same designs. At that
time they were using little black boxes that fit into the fixture box, not
the end caps. Follow the AC line and you should be able to answer this
question. I've never owned a Lights of America fixture. If it's not
encapsulated in the end caps you should be able to replace it with a good
ballast. But again, I've never done it.

Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI, USA