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Isabel writes:

> Hello,I have been lurking for a while now and have had a few questions 
>  answered i have also gained alot of knowledge. i keep seeing reference to 
>  PPMD  if i have it right it is some sort of suplament for plants I have 
>  looked in the archives but can find no info on what it contains can 
>  help me? Thank you in advance.

Actually, it's called PMDD (Poor Man's Dosing Drops) and it is a homebrew 
fertilizer.  References are available at 
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/ to get you started.  If you are 
using something like Dupla drops, Flourish, or Natural Gold, this is just 
another one of those, except it is cheaper (when you see <cheaper>, read 
<More work>) because you buy the raw ingredients and put it together for 

Bob Dixon