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Yamato Breeding site, CO2 Cylinders.

	I went to look at the site and I don't really think that he said
much about what his setup was. He was more or less just describing
day-to-day what was happening. He transferred the larvae to a separate
window sill tank the blind are down but there is still some light. The
water is between 25-26.5C.He has put 3 liters of water with 50g of sea
salt into the tank but there is a separate grow-up container that is inside
the 3 liter aquarium. He does NOT bubble the water. I don't think that he
said what kind of filter it is in the tank. He was trasferring larve over
about 15 days and the shrimp/larvae in the container were at different
stages of development. He seems to correlate the explosive growth of algae
in the container with the death of many larvae.

	So, I don't think there is really much more than a description of
him transferring larvae from the big tank to the little one and some toher
stuff about how many died on a certain day and the shrimp molting, etc...
Not really that informative. He said next to nothing about his display tank
conditions, as I remember.

	Also, I purchased my 15lb CO2 cylinder for $65 from a beverage
(fountain drink) supply place (Geer Gas, Columbus, OH). The 30 lb-ers were
about $75 and the 20 lb about $105. Don't as me why. The 10 lb was $63.
Anyway, don't hesitate to ask what the charge is for a larger cylinder! You
might be surprised. Also, the fill cost is about $8-11 for most of those
cylinders. They also just swap the thing instead of actually filling it.


>> I bought fifty small yamatos about a month ago and I did some poking
>> in the archives to gather more info on my new pets. I ran across an old
>> that mentions a german aquarist who actually managed to breed yamatos...a
>> purportedly impossible feat. Anyway, the site is entirely in German and I
>> don't know a lick of Deutch. Can a kind-hearted soul please go to and post
>> very basic outline of the fellas techniques. Your hard work would be
>> appreciated by myself and lots of other APDers I'm sure. The site address
>> "http://www.lynet.de/~hsiegel"
>> Thank in advance,
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