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Needle Valves

I'm using the ARO F01 needle Valves bought from Graingers as specified on
George Booth's web page.   The problem I am having with these valves is that
they do not turn all the way off.  One of them will turn far enough down to
be acceptable,   The other will not get that far down and I am having to
bleed off the excess CO2 in order not to overdose the tank.   This is a
problem since I am wasting CO2 and I can't seem to get it adjusted very

What I want to know is the best needle valve for this purpose.  A grainger's
part number is also extremely helpful.     Let me describe my setup.
I've got a full sized CO2 bottle (ie about 5 foot tall) that is kept outside
the house.    I've got one of the no-gauge preset regulator on it with a
regular air line (air compressor type) running from the tank into the house.
In the house I have a T Connector with two of the F01 needle valves.   One
for each aquarium.   

I had the needle valves outside until recently with just regular airline to
the tanks.   I changed it because the temperature changes outside affected
the flow of the CO2 too drastically.   

Thanks for your help.