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Re: yeast nutrients?

Sherman Lovell wrote:
> Subject: Yeast nutrients, not a good idea?
> 	I don't think you really want to add a lot of nutrients to your DIY CO2
> yeast mix (malt extract, vitamins, whatever).  Plain table sugar is
> going to be cheapest and best.  Unlike growing yeast in culture in the
> Micro lab or the beer fermenter (where you *want* explosive growth of
> the colony) for CO2 production you want a steady-state population,
> limping along and producing a steady, constant quantity of gas.  Right? 
> Not an exponentially growing number of yeasty beasties producing an
> exponentially growing quantity of gas (and dying in their own wastes all
> that much faster.)

It's an experiment.  You may be right, that "limping along" is what 
we want for slow, steady production.  On the other hand, perhaps 
the choice is between limping along for x timeperiod, or adding 
nutrients and flying along for the same x timeperiod.  My vote 
would then go for flying.  So I'm trying it out.  Worst that can 
happen is that I have to use that sludge from the bottom of the 
bottle to start a new culture sooner than I would do otherwise.  

Has anyone else already tried this, and can tell us what happens 
when nutrients are added?

Cathy Hartland, in Maryland where it's not cold enough to ski nor 
warm enough for spring.